• November 2022 Newsletter

    November 2022 Newsletter

    Welcome to the Extendify newsletter, where we give web hosts a monthly digest of what they need to know from the WordPress ecosystem. Tl;dr: WordPress 6.1 released last night: No jarring changes to the experience that will result in increased support tickets. Everyone should update. WooCommerce is launching a new hosted offering in 2023 and will […]

  • Navigating the WordPress navigation block

    The Gutenberg navigation block in WordPress has travelled far to get where it is today. It began quite a few years ago to solve the complicated navigation layout and management issues. Over time it has distilled back to focus on the block. Today, I wanted to walk through the current release of the block and […]

  • What are Gutenberg design tools and why do they matter for WordPress?

    Design tools are what take your content from simple text to engaging, powerful interactions. They are vast and wide in the world of Gutenberg and incredibly crucial to the next stage of the editor. In this post, I wanted to take a look at why they are so important and what is to come specifically […]

  • Tips for surviving WordPress site editing experiments with Gutenberg

    So you want to go into the brave site editing world and explore? That’s great, but before you go, here are some tips to make that journey a little gentler. Export at every opportunity Under ‘more tools and options’, you can click export to download your templates and template parts. Doing this ensures you always […]

  • Gutenberg Full Site Editing does not have to be full

    I would love for us all to almost stop using the term “Full Site Editing” in 2022. That’s not to swap for “site editing” or another term, but to start calling each separate piece what it is. You see, when many say that term, they are joining functionality together that absolutely can add up to […]

  • Extendify is now available in WordPress.org plugin directory

    We are super excited to share that the Extendify is now available in the WordPress.org plugin directory! You can check it out today: https://wordpress.org/plugins/extendify/ The new Extendify plugin is the best way to get the latest Extendify features and all the other awesome new stuff we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks and months. Here’s […]

  • The power of list view in Gutenberg 5.9

    One of the powerful features in the WordPress block editor is the list view. This allows you to quite literally view the blocks and content in a list. However, with the on-coming of 5.9 it’s going to allow so much more. In today’s Extended Short, I wanted to take a little dive into the latest […]

  • What to expect in WordPress 5.9 from Gutenberg

    As we enter a new year, a new release of WordPress is rapidly approaching, but what can you expect to see in this release? Let’s dig a little into the features and find out what’s coming in WordPress 5.9. This release is an important one, so important it took a little longer to get to […]

  • Focusing on the Future of Extendify

    We are excited to share that our team has decided to spin out the Editor Plus and EditorsKit plugins from Extendify, to be managed by Munir Kamal and a dedicated team. Editor Plus and EditorsKit users will enjoy a dedicated development and support team and can look forward to many new features in the coming […]

  • The power of Gutenberg image effects in WordPress

    Have you discovered the power of stacking effects on images with Gutenberg? Welcome to Extended Shorts, a new series of short posts where we share some ways to extend your use of Gutenberg and create content in WordPress. If you select a cover block you will find, depending on your theme, a range of image […]