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The Extendify team has decades of experience in WordPress and is trusted on over 2,000,000 websites.

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Extendify is the best way to build your WordPress digital experience.

Designs to fit every need

From a florist to dog groomer, blogger to photographer, we have you covered no matter what type of site you are looking to create.

With 70+ full page templates, 1,400+ patterns, and hundreds of new designs added each month, you will find the right design every time.

Lightning fast websites

Extendify is lightweight with no bloat to slow your site down. We built Extendify using the Gutenberg Block Editor so that every Extendify design is as fast as Gutenberg itself.

Super fast designs from Extendify will help you attract and engage visitors.

Works with every theme

Extendify is built on the core Gutenberg Block Editor. You can use any Gutenberg-compatible theme to create the site of your dreams.

Extendify designs are also full customizable to fit the exact look and feel of your website.

Why Do Our Users Love Extendify?

Extendify has been trusted by 50,000+ users to build a modern WordPress experience that delivers results!

Build pages in seconds rather staring at a blank page

Extendify templates and patterns are the ideal way to supercharge your WordPress workflow. We’ve all been there staring at a blank page or post facing the daunting task of trying to picture the first element to add to the canvas.

With the Extendify template library you can import all the patterns that you need, or even full pages, without the mental block or the tedious task of constructing every element from scratch.

Customize designs for your style

Every element of Extendify designs is fully customizable. While we think our designs are stunning out of the box, you may want to add your own touches to make your pages feel just right. Whether it’s adjusting colors, fonts, or images, anything is possible with Extendify templates and patterns.

Also, all of our templates and patterns are open source, so you can publish any customizations without any concerns.

Create sites that are beautiful and effective

In addition to offering world class designs, our templates and patterns are also super performant. By building Extendify directly with the Gutenberg Block Editor we have created a design system that is as fast as WordPress itself.

No more lost customers or churned visitors as a result of your pages loading slowly.

Stop worrying about compatibility

Extendify templates and patterns are compatible with every theme and plugin. Not only will designs imported from Extendify work with every theme, you can further customize them to fit your exact design needs.

Easiest Way to Build WordPress Sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please use the support beacon at the bottom of this page to chat with us.

What is Extendify?

Extendify was started by a passionate team with the goal of building a modern WordPress experience that just works. We are the team behind the Extendify templates library and other great WordPress products such as Editor Plus, EditorsKit, Redux, Gutenberg Forms, ACF Blocks, MetaSlider, Block Slider, and GutenbergHub.com.

Can I use Extendify with any theme?

With Extendify, you can create a great site in just a few clicks with any theme. We recommend using a simple theme such as the default 2021 theme or Seedlet.

Can I use Extendify with WooCommerce?

Yes, Extendify is compatible with WooCommerce. You’ll need to install and configure WooCommerce separately to set up eCommerce functionality.

Is there a free version?

Editor Plus by Extendify is a free plugin available through the WordPress.org directory that allows all users to extend the power of the Gutenberg Block Editor. Additionally, all users can import three (3) templates or patterns from our library at no cost.

What is Extendify Pro?

Extendify Pro unlocks unlimited usage of the Extendify template library, allowing you to import as many templates and patterns as you’d like without restrictions.

Can I use Extendify with page builders?

Extendify templates and patterns are designed for the Gutenberg Block Editor. If you’ve used a page builder to create other pages on your site, you can use Extendify to create new pages using the block editor.

Do I need to be a developer to use Extendify?

No! Extendify is designed to empower all users to create the site of their dreams with no coding skills.

Will Extendify slow down my website?

Absolutely not. Extendify imports lightweight templates that are served directly from your WordPress site. Our templates use the core Gutenberg Editor as not to add any additional bloat.

Can I disable the Extendify Library button in my editor?

Yes. In the WordPress page/post editor, open preferences by clicking the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Disable Extendify”. You can always turn on the library by selecting “Enable Extendify” in the same menu.

Supercharge Gutenberg with Extendify

Trusted by 50,000+ Users to Turn WordPress into a Superpower