Replaces the wp-admin dashboard

The Site Assistant Dashboard gives your users a modern home within their WordPress experience. As a primary point of interaction for users, it is critical that your customers interact on a daily basis with a tool that reflects your hosting brand as a modern solution.

White-labeled experience

The Site Assistant Dashboard extends your brand deep into WordPress, making the site building experience a natural extension of your brand. This empowers you to market your hosting business as an AI-first web host.

Help your customers succeed with Smart Tasks

The Site Assistant Dashboard serves relevant tasks to users as they get started. These critical steps in building a site, such as uploading a logo, not only help a user publish their website, they also build a sense of accomplishment for users to increase customer retention.

Upsell Recommendations

The Site Assistant Dashboard offers the ideal place to serve contextual recommendations to your customers right where they are building their website. Whether you want to offer a premium plugin, a hosting feature, or professional services, the Site Assistant enables you to get those upsells in front of your customers at the right time and in the right place.

Grow your hosting business with AI-powered WordPress

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