Extendify v1.12: AI Templates

With Extendify v1.12 we are introducing our biggest AI add-on product yet: AI Templates to fully personalize all of your customers’ sites!

Extendify v1.12 Overview Video

AI Templates

We hear the same feedback from business owners and agencies building WordPress sites: writing copy is hard. It takes time, creativity, and a clear vision for what makes a good website. With Extendify AI Templates we are simplifying the copywriting process down from a multi-day chore to a 60-second delightful experience powered by AI.

For hosting partners that enable AI Templates, users will see an extra step during Extendify Launch onboarding. This step will prompt users for a description of their website in any language. During the site creation process, Extendify then intelligently uses AI to generate content for all pages based on the user’s industry, business name, and website description.

As always with Extendify, the AI Templates add-on works in any language, so Launch onboarding will generate page content in the users’ website language. Also as with all Extendify experiences, the pages created with AI Templates are created 100% with core WordPress components, ensuring the websites are fast, secure, and flexible.

We can’t wait to drive life-time value for your users with AI Templates. Please reach out if you’re interested in this add-on.

Other fixes and improvements

As always, the v1.12 release includes lots of fixes and improvements:

  • Improved localization of headers
  • Translation updates
  • Various bug fixes and improvements