Extendify v1.14: GPT-4o and AI goals

Extendify v1.14 is out with updates throughout the customer journey:

  • AI model updated to GPT-4o
  • AI-based site goals
  • Domain recommendation improvements
  • Unsplash integration in Draft editing tools

Extendify v1.14 Overview Video

AI model updated to GPT-4o

We are always updating the AI models that power Extendify to leverage the latest and greatest available to us. Extendify AI is now powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4o, with meaningful improvements to speed, and some improvements to content quality. We will continue to test and update Extendify with the best text and image models for our use case.

AI-based site goals

Extendify Launch onboarding now uses AI to curate goals shown to every user based on their selected site type. Our intention is to optimize the onboarding flow by deliberately decreasing the number of decisions users need to make. With curated goal recommendations not only will users get better outcomes, our platform will also gain better insight into what the users really want to accomplish so that we can help them be successful.

In the future we will use additional signals to not only further curate goals using AI, but also increasing personalization of the onboarding process for each user.

Domain recommendation improvements

Domain recommendations in the Extendify Site Assistant are getting two major improvements:

  1. Primary vs. Secondary Domains: You can now differentiate between a user’s primary (i.e. first) domain and a secondary domain. If you allow users to set up sites under temporary subdomains (e.g. mysite.hostingcompany.com), the Site Assistant can now recognize that temporary domain and recommend domains just to users still on the sub domain. Otherwise, the Site Assistant can recommend secondary domains to any user.
  2. Localization: If you support multiple languages, domain recommendations can direct users to the domain purchase flow in the language corresponding to their site language.

We will be rolling out domain recommendations more broadly over the coming weeks.

Unsplash integration in Draft editing tools

While we continue to develop AI image generation within the Draft editor tools, we also recognize that sometimes users simply want high quality stock photos for their site. We have now rolled out Unsplash stock images alongside AI image generation in the Draft page and post editing tool. Users can simply search for key terms in the editor sidebar and instantly add images they find to their pages and posts.

Other fixes and improvements

As always, the v1.14 release includes lots of other fixes and improvements, including:

  • Site Navigation quicklink added
  • New AI image generation controls for aspect ratio