Extendify v1.11: Localized Templates

Extendify v1.11 is now live with lots of improvements but for this update we’ll focus on just one major new feature: Localized Templates!

Extendify v1.11 Overview Video

Localized Templates

We are rolling out localized (i.e. translated) copy for templates generated by the Extendify design engine. We want to make the process of creating WordPress websites with Extendify frictionless and a major part of that is  reducing the burden of updating copy. Localized templates will remove hours of upfront work for site creators building websites in non-English languages.

localized template

We are currently rolling out localized copy across all supported languages. We expect to improve our localization engine significantly over the coming weeks and months. Please let us know if you have feedback on the new copy.

Other fixes and improvements

As always, the v1.11 release includes lots of fixes and improvements:

  • Ship translations with the plugin to improve performance and reliability vs. hosting on WordPress.org
  • Improvements to Launch onboarding on mobile
  • Removes mention of “Extendify” in browser tab on certain screens
  • Fixes Design Library bug related to Elementor
  • Improves consistency of branding across screens