Extendify v1.13: Site Assistant and AI Images

Extendify v1.13 is coming this week with huge updates to the Site Assistant along with the release of AI image generation:

  • Complete Site Assistant redesign
  • Streamlined Help Center experience
  • Domain recommendations in the Site Assistant
  • AI image generation added to the Draft AI Writing Assistant

Extendify v1.13 Overview Video

Redesigned Site Assistant

Based on extensive user feedback sessions, we have completely reimagined the Site Assistant to highlight the most important elements needed to help users succeed. The Site Assistant prioritized critical tasks and contextual recommendations, while still keeping all components available to users. The new experience makes it very clear where a user should start and how much progress they’ve made toward launching their site.

Elements like Quick Links are more discoverable without taking attention away from core tasks and recommendations. We will continue iterating on this experience to ensure users are successful in building their WordPress sites.

Streamlined Help Center

Users are getting a lot of value from the Help Center, but it previously was only available on the Site Assistant Dashboard. We have consolidated help elements into a single Help Center module accessible from any wp-admin page and the block editor. This streamlining allows users to get answers to any questions and in any format from a single interface. When users aren’t looking for help, they can simply minimize or even dismiss the help center.

We are also excited for future development around the Help Center that this new interface will enable. The goal for the Help Center is to not just give users guidance, but to actually take actions on their behalf that solve their problems. Stay tuned for more on that later in the year.

Domain recommendations

We continue to invest in smarter and more contextual product and service recommendations for your users. The next step on this journey is contextual domain recommendations. Leveraging what we know about users’ sites, the Site Assistant can now recommend relevant, available domains to users in context of where they are building their site. This experience will differ for new and existing sites, and we will be testing various implementations of domain recommendations.

Once a user clicks to register a domain they will be dropped directly into your existing domain purchase flow. This will help you further monetize your users with the accounts and payment information you already have.

This general approach is setting up the framework for many types of recommendations that connect users with the products and services they need most.

AI image generation

Last but certainly not least, we are very excited to add AI Image generation to the Draft AI Writing Assistant. This is enabled for any partner on the Extendify AI plan. We know from user research that users struggle with creating content. Many of these users don’t have usable photos of their business or even their industry. With AI image generation users can generate relevant images from right within the WordPress editor.

Initially we are using OpenAI’s DALL·E 3 model. The framework we’ve built for all of our AI implementations enables us to replace the models used over time as performance and quality improves. This will enable us to iterate quickly as the AI landscape quickly changes.

This is also just step one for image generation, and we look forward to bringing additional AI image generation capabilities to the site editor and also to the onboarding experience. Stay tuned for more on that later in the year.