Implementation Guide

Below are the steps required to implement Extendify Launch for new WordPress sites. When a site is created, the Extendify Launch flow will start when a user logs in. The user will also have access to Extendify Assist and premium access to the Extendify library.


In order for Extendify to be enabled for new WordPress users, the following three conditions must be met:

  1. Extendify plugin is installed and activated from
  2. Custom `Launch Command` plugin installed and activated. Launch Command is the host-specific license plugin that will provision Extendify for your users.
  3. Extendable theme is installed and activated from

There are several ways to achieve this as described below.

WordPress Toolkit (cPanel/Plesk)

Within the WordPress Toolkit create a plugin/theme set that includes the Extendify plugin and Extendable theme installed from Manually upload the LaunchCommand plugin and add it to the plugin set.

Name the plugin set and enable it for users to select.

Service Plans (cPanel/Plesk)

Create a service plan that uses the above WordPress Toolkit pack. Attach this service plan to your standard WordPress package.


Listed below are the WP-CLI commands that will achieve these actions (using WP-CLI version 2.6.0).

ActionWP-CLI Command
Install and activate Extendify plugin from WordPress.orgwp plugin install extendify –activate –force
Install and activate Extendable theme from WordPress.orgwp theme install extendable –activate –force
Activate auto-updates for Extendify pluginwp plugin auto-updates enable extendify
Activate auto-updates for Extendable themewp theme auto-updates enable extendable
Install partner Launch Command plugin as an mu-plugin (received from Extendify directly)No WP-CLI command available. Can be manually added to the package or added to another mu-plugin.


Create a new set with Extendify, Extendable, and Launch Command pre-installed. You can install Extendify and Extendable directly from the repository of plugins and themes.


Extendify is localized for many languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, and Japanese. To enable the desired localization for your users, please set the desired WordPress language before redirecting your users to wp-admin and if using WP-CLI, install the language pack for the Extendify plugin.