How to edit your starter copy

Your Extendify site comes with starter copy for the site type you selected. You should edit the copy on each page to make it your own. Fortunately, editing your site copy is simple from within the native WordPress editor.


Step 1: Navigate to the page editor

Option 1 — You can navigate directly to the edit view for the pages created by Extendify by clicking the Edit button next to any page name on the Extendify screen.

Extendify pages section

Option 2 — Alternatively, you can navigate to the WordPress pages menu by clicking the Pages item in the left-side menu of the WordPress dashboard

WordPress admin pages menu button

Once on the pages screen, you can hover over the page you’d like to edit and click the Edit button.

Edit page button on WordPress pages page

Option 3 — Finally, you can also navigate to the page editor from the admin toolbar that you will see when visiting any of your pages as a logged-in admin user. From the toolbar at the top of the page, click Edit page and you will be directed to the page editor.

Edit page button from the admin toolbar

Step 2: Edit the copy

Once on the page editor, you can click directly on any text to edit it.

If you double-click, you can select a single word to edit.

Double clicking to edit text

If you triple-click, you can select the entire text

Triple clicking to edit text

You can even edit the text of the buttons the same way.

Edit button text

Step 3: Save your changes

Once you are done editing your text, don’t forget to save your changes.

You can save your changes by clicking the Update button in the upper-right part of the page.

Update button

Before you update, you can also preview what your changes will look like by clicking the Preview button.

Preview button