Your customers deserve a modern WordPress experience

Over 50% of all WordPress hosting customers churn in the first 12 months

Customers are tossed into WordPress Dashboard and are left to figure this whole site building thing out. These all-too-common struggles absolutely lead to higher churn and lower lifetime value.

You are leaving 💰 on the table 😬

So empower your customers to build empowering sites, like these… powered by Extendify 🤩

Extendify is the template library trusted by over 200,000+ WordPress professionals 👇

Templates for every industry

From a yoga studio, restaurant, plumber, law office, or gym, we have effective designs pre-built for nearly every case.

Built on Core

Extendify enables users to create beautiful sites using the core WordPress block editor (i.e. Gutenberg).

  • No page builders required
  • Always up to date
  • Works with all WordPress plugins
  • No bloat

Theme Agnostic

Extendify works well with any WordPress theme. The templates will adapt to the styles of your sites.

  • No customer lock-in
  • No external frameworks needed
  • Works with all your customers’ themes
  • Adapts to every WordPress theme

Coming Soon

Extendify is launching a WordPress onboarding experience

Combine the power of WordPress with the ease of use typically found only in proprietary platforms.