What happens when a template is added

When you add a template or pattern to your site, our goal is to ensure the patterns added match the demo site as closely as possible.. However, due to differences in themes, sometimes there will be slight differences either in the editor or on the published page.

All blocks used are core Gutenberg blocks and can be edited freely.

Here is what happens when you add a template or pattern to your site

  1. All blocks are added to your page
  2. If the Editor Plus plugin is installed, styling is applied using Editor Plus. If the Editor Plus plugin is not installed, styling is applied via css to the editor and published page.
  3. The images used in the patterns are hotlinked to the source image. They are not added to your media library. We recommend either updating the images or adding them directly to your media gallery for better performance and reliability.
  4. Depending on the template/pattern you are inserting, the “Extendify template” is set as the page template. This will also hide the title and header/footer from your page. It will also set the background color to be the template default. If you wish, you can change the pate template back to what it was set to previously.

Enjoy your site creation experience!