Focusing on the Future of Extendify

We are excited to share that our team has decided to spin out the Editor Plus and EditorsKit plugins from Extendify, to be managed by Munir Kamal and a dedicated team. Editor Plus and EditorsKit users will enjoy a dedicated development and support team and can look forward to many new features in the coming months.

Munir Kamal is a veteran WordPress product leader, having originally created Editor Plus and helped build out the initial version of the Extendify library. He is passionate about the future of Gutenberg and is the perfect fit to carry these beloved products further on. In addition, Munir will lead the Gutenberg Hub website and related community groups, along with the Block Slider plugin.

Why the change?

In short: Focus. We want to dedicate our efforts fully to creating the absolute best way to build a WordPress site with our growing library of beautiful and robust patterns and layouts that adapt to any theme. User adoption of Extendify has been tremendous and we want to ensure that we continue to provide a word class experience for our users.

Additionally, we want to ensure that the users of Editor Plus and EditorsKit receive the attention they deserve. Under Munir’s leadership, users are in good hands.

What next?

Other than looking forward to further enhancements of these products, there is no direct impact for folks using Editors Plus and EditorsKit — and we’ll continue to provide the Extendify library through those respective plugins.

We can’t be more excited about the future of WordPress, and how Editor Plus and EditorsKit will continue to flourish under Munir’s leadership. And we’re ecstatic to focus on pushing the Gutenberg page building experience to the next level with our very own dedicated plugin hosted on the plugin directory, coming soon. 

Anyhow, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at and stay tuned for all sorts of goodness that we’ve been cooking up. And yeah, we’re hiring